Accelerating Heavy Vehicle Electrification

BEV_R is the platform that orchestrates battery-powered heavy vehicles with the charging infrastructure and freight flows, the result is a real-time updated route optimization that makes it possible to quickly calculate route costs and pre-book charging.



Utilize our network to charge or connect the chargers you have, from depot to semi-public and public. Be part of the rapidly growing network for heavy vehicles.



Optimized routes with AI. BEV_R Route is for you with an electric fleet; it communicates with ERP, TMS, your vehicles, and the charging infrastructure to ensure deliveries with optimal resource utilization.

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Electrified forestry transport

Forestry road transports are being electrified in a collaboration between Skogforsk, Scania, forestry companies, research entities, as well as transport and technology companies – including BEV_R. Read about how we contribute to the electrification of Sweden's largest purchaser of road transports

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0%of Sweden's heavy road transports

0%of the forestry industry's new trucks are electrified by 2030 (goal)

~0tonnes of reduced CO2 emissions per year